Published: November 14th 2011

Kindle Edition

458 pages


HAPPINESS MANTRA  by  Madhukar Kakade

HAPPINESS MANTRA by Madhukar Kakade
November 14th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 458 pages | ISBN: | 10.17 Mb

A human being wants happiness- he believes that pleasures bring happiness- therefore he is in search of pleasures. We are inclined to think that material things bring us pleasure- however if one thinks a little deeper, one gets convinced that this is only half truth!

The author is keen to demonstrate to the reader that pleasure and happiness are related to the human mind- hence ones mental attitude and approach determine to what extent he can obtain pleasure and happiness. India has a rich spiritual heritage- the foundation of Indian society is spiritual- therefore, the social structure based on the family system ensures that the common man is able to face difficulties and problems without losing his mental poise and balance!The book deals with the practical problems of the common man, in detail and offers realistic solutions to his day to day problems- the author quotes a large number of real life experiences throughout the book to validate his arguments, in fact the very large number of real life stories, involving ordinary men and women, make this book an enjoyable reading- finally, he suggests some practical methods which enable the common man to extract pleasure and happiness from every situation in life without losing sight of his ultimate goal-Union with GOD!

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