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Generations Remembered
Preserve your family history on video for future generations!

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If you found these family photo
would you know its significance?

Preserve the memories, not just the photos!

Let Generations Remembered capture
your family history on video to be preserved forever.


Do you have warm memories of your grandparents and the stories they used to tell you?  Do you wish your children and grandchildren could hear and see your grandparents talk about what the world was like when they were growing up,  how they met, what their parents and grandparents were like?    Although you may have some photos and some memories of past generations, most of this precious family history is lost forever once the elders of the family are gone.  Imagine if you had a video of your grandparents sharing their life experiences.  What an extraordinary keepsake that would be!

It may be too late to capture your grandparents and their family history on video, but it might not be too late to capture your parents and their memories on video for future generations.

Today, many people are interested in doing more than tracing their genealogy. They are eager to create these heirloom video treasures but donít know how to begin.  Trust Richard and Susan Kretchmer to help you create your heirloom video or video biography.  We will guide you and your family every step of the way.  When you call, you will speak directly to one of us, not to a sales person.   When you decide to proceed you will work directly with us, not with an associate or assistant.


Ideas & Preparation

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"The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind." - John Allston

"He who hesitates is lost" - original source unknown but often quoted by our mothers.

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